A PASSION TO CREATE, TO BUILD, TO FIND BEAUTY in the balance between the hard line and the soft finish is what inspires Rachael in her creative life. In addition to being a maker, Rachael is a practicing Architect, Designer, and Artist. She comes from a long lineage of artisans and was encouraged to find expression through the arts from a young age.

Rachael began working with felt 12 years ago while researching new ways to use natural industrial materials in her art.  The industrial materials eventually led her to use colorful designer felts, which in turn spurred the development of the brand “felt.

felt. is crafted from 100% wool— a sustainable, renewable, natural, inherently moisture resistant and self-extinguishing material.

The luxurious, soothing and tactile quality of the wool draws viewers in and invites them to handle the products and feel it’s warmth.

felt. was conceived as an ever evolving, ever changing collection; an expression of creativity at a specific moment in time. We offer a catalog of set designs as well as limited edition items which are entirely handmade and uniquely detailed. No two pieces are exactly identical. Rachael’s desire to live in both an ordered urban environment and an organic natural world, can be seen in the color block designs of her felt. pieces. It is the juxtaposition which she finds compelling and plans to continue to investigate.

The birth of felt. is an expression of a love of craft, materiality, quality, and truth. Rachael personally invites you to share this love.


My affinity for wool and materials from wool, felt, developed during a semester abroad in England. I would look out from my bedroom window across the road and see these sweet sheep dotting the pasture. I wanted to hug them, I felt connected to them. They became the symbol of my adventure as a young woman in England which helped shape my sensitivity to surroundings. Years later, when searching for a renewable natural material to work with, I came to wool felt. It made sense. So textural, a connection back to nature, and to my memories of my adventure. Working with this material reminds me even in our fast paced world, there is a cycle of giving and receiving and we are all one.


RHG A+D approaches design from the experiential, creating spaces which are holistic and consistent. Design is emotional, sensory and physical. Three dimensional space, color, texture, and light, are critical considerations to create spaces which speak to these design elements. RHG A+D applies these principles to residential, commercial, retail and hospitality projects. RHG A+D balances its design approach with the needs and desires of each specific client guiding them through a successful project experience. Visit Us.